There are two of us: my husband and I. After the-disaster-of-sickness in our lives, we slowly recycled our hobbies. Later on we embarked on the web exploration with a help of a dear friend to inform the whole world about our photography and craft.

  • The average person changes the occupation 4 times in a life time – this is our fourth time!
  • The most successful job is to make your passion a job!
  • Every piece we have for sale is unique and cannot be repeated. The whole fun is in the creation and playing with the shapes and colours and textures! As a matter of fact, imagination is the best thing in life – and it is free. Every piece requires a lot of work and individual attention even when we master a technique for a particular product.
  • We are eco friendly! Most of the materials that we use in our crafts are recycled. Burlap is salvaged from coffee bags then washed before use. Other fabric is reused from scraps obtained from a window dressing company. Beads often come from the ‘the bottom of the drawer’ of a friend of a friend. Semi-precious stones are from around the world collected over years of our travels. Travelling gives us access to various vendors that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It may be a second-hand store or a stand on the side of the road or the beach.  Friends and family do the same for us, buying a few strands of beads in their world-travels.
  • Play with us! If you need something made – which is in the realm of our focus – please contact us and we will see what can be done.