Necklaces in Violet-2

They are my passion and fun and joy.

Can you imagine Cleopatra without her famous necklace??? Or Hatshepsut? When you think about Queen Antoinette – sometimes the first, silly, recollection is of the ‘diamond necklace’; generosity of Monsieur A. Dumas.

For thousands of years, this ‘something’ that decorated a woman resided mainly on her head. The reason was very simple. The quality of decoration visibly defined her social status, hence the decoration of neck, ears, or hair. (Than, with improved technology, came brooch and cameo and of course bracelets and rings – but no point of making a history of jewellery.)

Currently our status is defined by number of things – you make a list! What has not changed is the attractiveness of decorating a woman; even better with something unique.

I arrange semi-precious stones with ordinary beads of various shapes: glass, plastic, metal, ceramic. The task at hand is to enhance and show each bead, to accentuate the presence of a special bead. Sometimes to give them space by using clear glass beads to make them stand out more and let them shine by contrast with different colour.

Names of necklaces are a mind-play derived from the idea that originated the colour combinations or association with an event or person.

Each necklace comes with information about the proportion and type of the semi-precious stones in its total weight. As we are not gemologists, we may make unintentional mistake in assessing the semi-precious stones, but we do all we can to avoid such mistakes.