MyAngelMy elementary teacher was pulling his hair out when looking at any single project I presented for marking. ‘You have two left hands” – was his usual comment and I got a passing grade ‘for the effort’. My father refused outright to do any of the projects for me. Well, till this day I have no idea how to build a night lamp or a burglar alarm; too much electricity to my liking.

The fact that I did knitting, cross-stitching and other types of embroidery and waving since the tender age of six was a taboo.  These types of activities were associated with the XIX century and were signs of women’s ‘enslavement’ to the household chores.  In the 20th century women were supposed to be like men.  (Almost a fulfillment of Professor Higgins famous request from “My Fair Lady”: ‘why can’t a woman be like man?’☺)

Hello – I am a woman! And I can do a lot of things that require needle and colour composition – thank you Grandma!

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