COLOUR     I N F L U E N C EBack

  • Colour has fascinated me for many years. The uncountable number of different colours and hues of the sky, water, and the total variations on green one can see in the landscape at any time of the year. When travelling, my (secretly) preferred place to visit is the Zoo – the colours of the birds, animals and butterflies, the paradoxical combination and elegance of colours in Nature.
  • My recent trip to Yellowstone National Park kept me speechless. In the air it was an amalgamation of fogs and mist from the geysers which changed the hues of the colours on the ground. There were colourful bacteria in the most unthinkable combinations of tones thriving in the hot water streaming from geysers. Everything entwined and changing and fluid and transforming again in different light…Color is a vibration of light. In dim light, the color we see will seem different than in bright sun light. Not everyone sees color frequency in the same way.
  • Some time ago I learned about colour therapy. Often intuitive choice of colour depicts our mood and can be a signal to the world about what we need. There is no coincidence that depressed people choose black as the main motif for their outfits.
  • Much better is to understand colours and make conscious choices about them. There are psychological properties of colours both positive and negative:


Red: This colour help you feel more grounded, important and safe. You stand out from the crowd and it signals energy and strength.   If you feel insecure or anxious, one way to balance is to connect with the colour red. Wear something red, it can be clothes or accents – like a necklace….Just please remember that it is not the best idea to paint a whole room in colour red as it can promote its negative effect: strain and aggression.

ClickBlueBlue: is recognized in a soft and deep version. In general this is the colour of communication, trust, efficiency, calm. There is no coincidence that for an interview you should were something blue! Or that during any campaign the leader incorporates blue into their outfit! Communication can be also aided vocally.  Whenever you have trouble to express yourself (of have a sore throat), holding back your feelings, hum! Take a deep breath and ‘hum’ and repeat several times to feel the vibrations in the larynx. Soft blue encourages concentration. Deep blue support your intuition which is also a form of communication with the outside world. To support yourself with colour blue you can use  clothes, shawl or a necklace…Too much blue can signal aloofness, can be perceived as unfriendly.

ClickGreenGreen: This colour is often preferred by people who feel balanced and in harmony with the world. It hints about environmental awareness. This association is more ancient in people’s mind that one can think. If there is green – there is water so there is food; hence little threat of famine and as a consequence our mind can be at rest and stay in equilibrium.  If you want balance and support the reassurance of your well-being you can wear something green, it can be clothes or accents – like a necklace….Too much of this colour can signal boredom.


Yellow: This is a colour that is associated with self-esteem and optimism. If you lack confidence, in any area of your life, you will hate this colour.  But this colour has many hues and tones; you can start with a small dose of it and slowly gather more confidence.  Just wear something yellow. It can be clothes or accents – like a necklace….Too much of this colour is not healthy can lead to irrationality, fear, anxiety.

ClickOrangeOrange:  This colour is responsible for passion, abundance, warmth. It is associated with physical comfort and fun.  It is supposed to promote creativity and personal growth. When you feel ‘stuck’, wear something orange, it can be clothes or accents – like a necklace….

ClickVioletViolet: This is the colour of luxury, in the past, this colour was allowed only to emperors and their immediate family (mainly due to the price of the dye;). Jokes aside, this colour was linked to enlightenment, vision, happiness and well-being.  Its negative connotation – or perception – can signal inferiority and decadence. Not everybody can wear it and it is a very elegant colour both in clothing and in accessories…