Its simplicity calls for a variety of uses as it becomes a canvas for the presentation of other fabrics by stark contrast. Lace or velvet when put together with burlap are  more lace or more plush just by contrast.  Consequently, the sight and touch can feast on either fabric and burlap can make them more presentable.


  • I like a nice set up on the table.  And I like a joke and variety and an element of surprise when I entertain.  All these essentials gave me an idea for ‘Talking Napkins Rings’ (TNR).  Today’s dining tables are too small for a very festive and elaborate center pieces. TNR can surprise the guests and break the ice on an official affair. TNR can be the gift of a shy person saying ‘I love you’ or ‘ I am sorry’. They can shout the joy of new born or a new engagement. So many uses…
  • Small placemats are very presentable for tea time, a garden party, used as an ‘old-fashioned’ accent in any home and style.  They can be inspirational in usage and each one is unique. The set of two has similar colour pallet, size and similar fabric but never the same pattern.
  • Table napkins are provided in sets of four and made of burlap with lace finish.